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Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist
Attorneys in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania

When a Negligent Motorist Has No Insurance or Insufficient Insurance

After a car or truck accident, an injured person will normally pursue compensation from another driver if evidence shows that person was negligent. Sometimes, however, the negligent driver does not have insurance or does not have high enough insurance coverage to meet the financial demands of a serious injury.

Thankfully, a great many drivers have policy terms covering accidents with uninsured motorists, underinsured motorists (UI/UIM), or both. If you were injured in a crash with a motorist without insurance or with poor insurance, your insurer may not readily inform you of your UI/UIM coverage or how to get access to benefits this way. This is a compelling reason to have a knowledgeable and persistent personal injury lawyer on your side.

At the Law Office of Shabbick & Stehle, we pride ourselves on the personalized service we offer our clients. Our representation includes scouring all available sources for the compensation you need to cover the costs of your injuries and related losses.

Your attorney can evaluate your insurance policy and communicate with your insurer as you do your part to recover. You may have much to cope with, including physical pain, financial losses, and a disruption of your normal lifestyle. We have a strong commitment to our clients’ well-being and a strong track record of favorable outcomes.

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We Can Help You Get Your Rightful UI/UIM Benefits

Uninsured motorist accidents: If we represent you after a hit-and-run accident or a crash involving a driver without insurance, we are prepared to work hard to get you the compensation you are eligible for to cover medical expenses, lost wages, and other injury-related expenses. We may need to go after your insurer aggressively if it puts up obstacles by:

  • producing evidence demonstrating that another driver was identified and did have insurance

  • requiring you to sue the other driver before paying benefits through your own policy

  • making you wait a long time for an exhaustive search or investigation to be completed, in the case of a hit-and-run

Underinsured motorist accidents: If you are in a crash with a negligent driver who does not have enough insurance to meet your needs, we can expedite the process of proving that you are not going to recover enough compensation through that driver’s insurance. We may need to demonstrate that the compensation you may receive through the other driver is less than what you need and less than what is available through your underinsured motorist coverage endorsement.

We Are Here for You

Sometimes the stress of a struggle with an insurance company can seem even worse than the pain of physical injuries that you suffer in a motor vehicle accident. Our Pennsylvania lawyers are familiar with these challenges and we will not give up as we pursue justice for you through UI/UIM benefits or otherwise. Request a free initial consultation by calling or completing our intake form.