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A truck accident shares some things in common with other traffic accidents but is also unlike other motor vehicle accidents in aspects like:

  • The size differential: 18-wheelers and other large trucks greatly outweigh many other vehicles they may crash into. A typical over-the-road truck can crush a typical car. It may be difficult or impossible for a big truck to stop suddenly to avoid an accident when traffic stops unexpectedly.

  • Rules that apply: All vehicles must follow traffic laws, but commercial trucks must also comply with many additional rules set forth by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). The special rules have to do with load balancing, inspections, hours of operation, and other matters particular to large trucks that share the roads with other vehicles.

  • Multiple layers of liability: A truck driver, a cargo loading company, a truck dispatcher, and the company that owns a truck may all be responsible for compensating someone hurt in a truck accident (or family members after a fatality). Each may have an insurer that will try to limit its proper share of the liability.

  • Resources for defense: Trucking companies often have their own lawyers on task right away after a truck accident. These companies may act swiftly to make evidence of fault difficult or impossible to recover later. This is a compelling reason for an injured person or surviving family members to get a skilled advocate right away.

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Don’t let the trucking company keep the upper hand as you cope with serious injuries or the loss of a loved one. Get legal advice as soon as possible as you pursue the compensation you will need after suffering a serious or catastrophic injury, for:

  • Medical care, including emergency treatment, hospitalization, surgery, follow-up care, and therapy.

  • Rehabilitation when serious injuries mean a drastic lifestyle change.

  • Disability accommodations as needed, including provisions of durable medical equipment like wheelchairs, a ramp for the home, a modified van, and other equipment and assistive devices and aids.

  • Personal care attendant services.

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