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Wills, Trusts, and Other Powerful Legal Tools

Many ordinary people do not think of themselves as having “estates.” In fact, however, the sum total of a person’s possessions is often significant: real estate, vehicles, bank accounts, retirement assets, and household property. An estate plan that takes all into account can make a great difference for family members or other beneficiaries.

Failing to put sensible tools in place for transferring property to intended beneficiaries means those people will incur unnecessary expenses. They will very likely experience delays and troubles that could have been avoided with basic planning.

Remember: estate planning is not only for the wealthy. It is an ethical duty and responsibility for any adult with assets and/or dependents.

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A Law Firm Ready to Guide You in Creating or Updating Your Estate Plan

The Law Office of Shabbick & Stehle believes in common sense when it comes to helping our clients with their estate plans. We will not try to oversell or convince clients to create elaborate schemes inappropriate to their needs. We understand that creating an estate plan should feel like a privilege more than a burden. Our approach is to simplify the process for our clients as they select and create or amend:

  • a will: A basic will or a pour-over will for people with trusts

  • an advanced care directive: often referred to as a Living Will

  • powers of attorney: including a durable power of attorney for property, finances, and medical care

Once a basic estate plan is in place, a person or couple can revise it or build upon it as assets, families, and priorities change. Our estate planning attorneys are here to help you accomplish your goals in your own timing, in your own way.

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