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Criminal Defense Attorneys in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania

Criminal charges are filed against individuals every single day. But just because criminal charges are filed does not mean the person is guilty. However, in our society, people are often quick to judge and make assumptions.

Being charged with a crime can be scary and intimidating. Here, at the Law Office of Shabbick & Stehle, we are familiar with the criminal justice system and how it can be perceived by society.

Our criminal defense practice is handled by attorney Angela M. Stehle. She has years of experience in the courtroom handling various criminal cases. If you are charged with a crime, it is imperative to retain an attorney as soon as possible. Based on your specific circumstance and needs, Attorney Stehle can lead you in the right direction. Even if you are guilty of a crime, not all criminal defendants will go to jail. There are many treatment programs and alternative sentencing options available.

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Charges We Handle

Please contact us if you find yourself in need of a caring and resourceful criminal defense attorney for any of the following matters:

  • PFA (Protection from Abuse) Orders

  • assault

  • arson

  • theft and receiving stolen property

  • DUI (driving under the influence)

  • drug charges

  • traffic violations

  • most felonies & misdemeanors

  • juvenile offenses

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