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Car Accident Attorneys in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania

Get Legal Advice After a Car Accident

A motor vehicle accident often triggers a more complex recovery process than injured people and their family members expect. An investigation for the purpose of maximizing compensation for the injured may include a detailed look into:

  • Causes: A crash may have happened because of human error, mechanical failure, defective signage, weather, and/or traffic conditions.

  • Liability: Who is responsible to pay for injuries? Sometimes multiple people and/or organizations may share responsibility.

  • Injuries: How serious are the injuries? What do doctors recommend for maximum improvement? And what is their prognosis for future developments? A doctor might recommend that a child have surgery again after finishing his or her growth to maturity, for example.

  • Disabilities: In the case of catastrophic injuries, the injured person may be expected to live with long-term disabilities. If this is the case, what types of accommodations will be necessary and what will they cost over time?

All these factors may help a personal injury lawyer build a strong case to ask for a certain dollar amount from a liable person, entity, or insurer. The more solid the case is, the more likely it is that the case can be settled without the need for an expensive and risky trial.

Representing Car Injury Victims With Care


Law Office of Shabbick & Stehle has a strong commitment to our clients to do all we can to help them recover the compensation they need. We are also conscientious in our use of resources, so our clients’ monetary awards will be as high as possible, giving them the best chances at a successful recovery overall.

Put Experience on Your Side from The Start

Many people put off calling a personal injury law firm after a crash, a pedestrian accident, or a bicycle accident, as they believe they can file claims on their own with their insurance companies. All too often, they soon learn that insurers, even their own insurers, are in business to keep their assets, not to pay benefits to the injured. Denials, delays, and other obstacles are common frustrations for people in need of compensation after a motor vehicle accident.

And there is no substitute for an attorney when it comes to proving that another motorist (or any other person or organization) was negligent. This is a fundamental aspect of a successful claim. Our Pennsylvania lawyers bring decades of experience to the table and a track record of favorable outcomes for injured clients.

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After a car, truck, or motorcycle accident has left you or a loved one with injuries and other losses, we invite you to let us advise you on the next steps. Call or send an email inquiry to request a free consultation.