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Family Law

At Shabbick & Associates, our dedicated attorneys are here to help you navigate the legal system in numerous family law matters. As every family dynamic is different, our attorneys are committed to providing individualized attention to your specific needs. We focus on the following areas of Family Law:


The end of a marriage can be a difficult and emotional time. In most divorce cases, the parties will have to wait at least 90 days after filing to finalize the divorce. Either party may file for divorce but the parties must also consider how the marital assets and debts accumulated during the marriage will be divided. Often the division of marital assets can lead to further stress and prolong the divorce. These assets may include real estate and pension or retirement accounts that you will need to rely on in the future. A comprehensive document, known as a Property Settlement Agreement, will need to be drafted and signed by the parties to reflect the division of assets and responsibilities of debts for each party. Contact the attorneys at Shabbick & Associates to discuss the best course of action in filing for divorce and to draft a Property Settlement Agreement to obtain a fair and equitable division of your property and assets to benefit you in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions: Divorce, Support, & Custody


In all custody matters, the best interest of the child is the highest consideration. Frequently custody disputes coincide with a divorce and can take an emotional toll on the child and the parties. In Pennsylvania, there are two types of custody – legal custody and physical custody. Legal custody allows the parent to make major decisions in the child’s life, such as education, medical, and religion. Physical custody determines which parent has the child and when. Physical custody can be divided as sole, primary, shared, or partial. Whether it is establishing a custody schedule or modifying an existing custody order, the attorneys at Shabbick & Associates are dedicated to protecting custodial rights for individual parents to ensure stability for your child.

Grandparents may also have custody and visitation rights when the child’s parent is unable or incapable of properly caring for the child. These rights can include both legal and physical custody. Often grandparents can provide proper care and a stabilizing environment that serve the best interests of the child. At Shabbick & Associates, we will work closely with grandparents when it is necessary to assert their rights and obtain valuable custodial time with their grandchildren.


If you are separated from your spouse, you may be entitled to monetary spousal support to help with your finances. Similarly, if you have a divorce action pending, you may be entitled to alimony pendente lite to maintain your financial stability through your divorce. If you are seeking a form of support or have a spouse seeking it from you, contact the attorneys at Shabbick & Associates to help you through this process.

During a divorce or custody dispute, the costs of caring for a child alone can be difficult to maintain. Both parents are obligated to provide support for their child. This support includes costs for child care, medical bills, education, and basic needs. When ordering child support, the court will also consider the income and expenses of each party and the amount of time each party has with the child. At Shabbick & Associates, we will work with you to address your child’s full financial needs to obtain or modify a child support award.

Protection From Abuse

Protection From Abuse orders (PFAs) can have lasting impacts on families. Often PFAs can lead to other family issues, including custody or divorce. Courts are likely to grant PFAs when there has been evidence of recent physical abuse or where there is an immediate and present danger of abuse. Whether you are a victim of physical or emotional abuse or accused of the same conduct, the attorneys at Shabbick & Associates will advocate for your rights in the courtroom.

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