The Pennsylvania road construction season generally runs from spring through fall with a break for winter weather. That winter weather creates potholes and other road damage, which lead to ongoing road construction and obstacles that can increase the odds of motor vehicle accidents happening. A new study suggests that an effective way to reduce accidents by providing real-time data on traffic speeds in construction zones and similarly congested sections.

Adaptive data reduces accidents

A study done by the Missouri Department of Transportation and University of Missouri researchers suggests that adaptive traffic data significantly could reduce the potential for accident events in construction zones and similar areas. The study shows a 20% reduction in lane-changing accidents and a 30% reduction in rear-end collisions when drivers are given actual traffic speeds through the congested area.

Quicker traffic and reduced congestion

Researchers suggest that real-time data on traffic speed and conditions in congested areas enables drivers to adjust their relative speed and enter the slower traffic areas more confidently. That is especially true during nighttime driving when it is nearly impossible to tell the difference between brake lights on stopped cars and their taillights. When drivers have ample warning of actual driving conditions, the accidents are fewer and the affected areas much shorter.

Study affirms driver liability

The study also shows that driver behavior is the most important factor in preventing accidents. Reasonable drivers with common driving skills and experience can make the necessary speed adjustments to ensure greater safety for all vehicles. Disregarding ample warnings suggests negligence and possibly worse by offending drivers who cause otherwise preventable traffic accidents that lead to injury or death.

Whether the accident happens in a construction zone or other locale, the offending driver should be held accountable while the respective insurer pays for medical bills and property damage. A Palmerton-area attorney who is experienced in personal injury cases may assess an accident victim’s situation and help to build the best possible case on their behalf.