In almost anything pertaining to the law, lawyers often encourage their clients to try and settle their disputes rather than take them to court. Settling outside of court often is less expensive for the disputing parties, both in terms of time and money.

However, there are certain situations when you will need to take your case to court. This logic applies to divorce as well. According to Forbes Magazine, when you are deciding whether or not to take your divorce to court, you should factor in time, money and the likelihood of good results.  

Why does trial divorce take more time and money? 

In the majority of cases, taking your divorce to trial means spending more time with your attorney. The more time you spend with your attorney throughout the divorce process, the more expensive the divorce is.

In addition to spending more time and money on your attorney, you will also have to make time in your schedule to go to trial. Additionally, you will likely need to wait for the court to have time to hear your case. This can potentially take months.

Will trial divorce give me better results?

Not necessarily. Many divorcing couples benefit from negotiating terms with each other directly rather than getting decisions handed down from a judge. However, in order for negotiating to produce results, both parties have to be willing to negotiate in good faith. If your divorce is not amicable, this may not be possible.

No matter if you decide to try and negotiate your divorce or take it to trial, the advice of an experienced family law attorney is of utmost importance.