As the weather warms, more and more farmers are going into their fields to prepare the soil for planting. In order to get their tractors and other tilling equipment to the fields, the farmers must necessarily drive their tractors on public highways. These slower moving vehicles create a dangerous conflict with faster moving vehicles such as passenger cars and motorcycles. Occasionally, this conflict results in a serious traffic accident.

A prime example of this conflict occurred in Washington along Route 35 on May 14. A motorcycle was headed east on Route 57, and it collided with a John Deere tractor that was towing a corn planter. Police have not offered any explanation about why the two vehicles were using opposing traffic lanes. The motorcyclist was treated at the scene by Washington Emergency Squad and then taken to the Hunterdon Medical center, where the staff pronounced him dead. The driver of the tractor was apparently not injured.

The accident leaves many unanswered questions. How fast were the vehicles moving? Was either driver impaired by alcohol or drugs? Was either vehicle attempting to make a left turn? Did any traffic signals at the scene malfunction? Did the steering or braking systems on either vehicle malfunction? Police said that they would continue their investigation and release more information as it becomes available.

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