Many people in Palmerton going through a divorce have at least some hurt feelings throughout the process. They may even be angry at their ex. Sometimes a person just wants to vent, whether it is through social media or even to the judge. However, sometimes saying mean or hurtful things about your ex during the divorce process does more harm than good.

A divorce where both sides are at war with each other can be stressful. Doing your best to stay civil can keep your stress level down. You don’t need to love your ex, but being respectful can go a long way, especially if you want to settle matters out-of-court. Staying positive also sets the stage for future cooperation with your ex — something that will be necessary if you are raising a child together post-divorce.

Child custody is a major issue when parents divorce. Parents who try to get the child on their side or harass their ex are not putting their child’s well-being first, which could impact custody and visitation arrangements. After all, child custody decisions will be made in a manner that is in the best interests of the child, so parents who interfere with these interests may find that this affects child custody and visitation decisions.

Picking a fight at your ex’s workplace also does not help when it comes to dividing your property in a divorce. Damaging your ex’s professional reputation can damage their business relationships and their earning potential. This damage could affect how property is doled out in a divorce or how much alimony is paid in a way that is ultimately hurtful not helpful.

So, while it may be tempting to blast your ex on social media, vent your anger to the court or try to damage your ex’s reputation, it is important not to act on these temptations. Doing so often causes more harm than good. Divorce can be difficult in the best of situations, so keeping calm and civil can go a long way to ensuring the process runs smoothly.