Different people look for different methods to find or test their religious faith, but very few rely on their automobiles to find God. A resident of Carbon County grew frustrated after driving around for several hours awaiting a calling from God. When no call was received, she took matters into her own hands and drove her car into oncoming traffic. The results were not heavenly.

The accident occurred near Weatherly, PA on Route 93. The woman who was hoping to receive God’s calling deliberately drove into oncoming traffic. One of the investigators reported that the woman said that she finally decided to purposefully expose herself to the hazards of a traffic accident to see if God would take care of her. The woman’s vehicle collided head-on with a car headed in the opposite direction. Both people in that car were hospitalized for treatment of their injuries.

The woman was not injured and accepted that fact as proof of God’s love for her. The woman also told investigators that she had no remorse for the two people that she injured because God had evidently decided that they were not worth his care. The woman was charged with aggravated assault and other violations arising out her deliberate decision to cause a traffic accident. The woman was originally jailed on $50,000 bail but the court revoked her bail after she was criminally charged.

Most of the media coverage of this case has focused on the woman’s potential criminal liability, but the case also could become a civil lawsuit for damages. The woman’s intent to injure appears to be indisputable, and so does her liability for the injuries that she caused. While very few people choose to mix religion and driving, head-on collisions are not that rare, and anyone who is injured or lost a loved one in such an accident may wish to consult an experienced personal injury attorney for an evaluation of the evidence and an estimate of the likelihood of recovering damages.