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When An Accidental Injury Is Life-Altering, For The Long Term

Any injury occurring in an car accident or another type of accident is likely to be distressing and life-changing for a period of time depending on the nature of the injury. A broken bone or neck injury may require hospitalization, therapy and time off work. These types of injures are expensive and may take a person out of normal activities for several weeks, months or longer.

The ray of hope is that many people who suffer injuries like these do recover and many return to work or to their usual activities, eventually.

When Serious Means Catastrophic 

Some injuries, however, are more than a painful inconvenience. Maximum attainable healing may not include a return to a previously normal lifestyle when a person must cope with a catastrophic injury such as a spinal cord injury (SCI), an amputation, serious burn injuries or a traumatic brain injury (TBI).

The aftermath of a car accident or another type of accident resulting in catastrophic injury may involve:

  • A lengthy stay in a rehabilitation facility
  • Long-term physical therapy and/or multiple surgeries
  • Potential complications such as infections, pressure sores (bedsores), PTSD or depression
  • A need for special equipment in the home and for transportation — equipment that will likely need to be replaced every ten years or so
  • A need for personal care attendants

In such cases, the injured person cannot likely return to work, although they may be able to work part time or learn another occupation through adaptive software and other aids for carrying out job duties. The injured person’s family will likely experience dramatic changes in their lifestyle, as well as the injured person. An injury claim or lawsuit should take into account all losses the person will experience.

How A Skilled Personal Injury Attorney Can Help

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