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Frequently Asked Questions: Divorce, Support, & Custody

When can I File for Divorce in Pennsylvania?

You must be a resident of Pennsylvania for at least six months (or your spouse must be present for at least six months) before you can file for divorce in Pennsylvania.

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How Soon can I get Divorced in Pennsylvania?

In an uncontested divorce, you can get divorced in as soon as 90 days from the time the Complaint is filed and served. This time can be longer, depending on the willingness of the other party to cooperate, return the signed papers, and complete any other related matters. It also depends upon how long other matters take, such as property division, custody of children, and support.

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If My Spouse is Served With My Divorce Complaint, Does That Mean I Will be Automatically Divorced in 90 Days?

No. Both parties must sign the final papers, and then the paperwork will be submitted to court to obtain the final decree. In addition, your lawyer will want all the issues of divorce to be settled before you sign the final papers, so it may take longer than 90 days. The 90 days is a minimum.

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Can My Spouse Contest the Divorce?

Usually the actual divorce is not contested, but sometimes the property division and related issues such as custody are contested.

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