Work-related accidents have many causes, but it is especially important for you to watch out if you recently started a new schedule or plan on doing so in the near future. For example, those who are used to working during the day sometimes have a very hard time switching over to a night shift. Likewise, some workers are used to working at night and they do not have an easy time adjusting to a daytime schedule.

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, fatigue is rampant among workers, increasing the chances of a job-related injury. Aside from feeling tired, various difficulties in daily life and poorer job performance, some workers are more likely to become hurt due to these changes.

The risk of a work accident due to fatigue

If you have to change your daily routine, such as going to sleep and waking up at different times, it is very likely that you will struggle with a certain degree of fatigue until you are used to your new schedule. Some people become very tired because they are not used to waking up at a particular time and they are extremely tired during the first few weeks of working a new shift. Fatigue can make it hard for workers to concentrate on their job and stay safe, whether they overlook certain hazards or hurt themselves while working with machinery or equipment.

The other ways in which new schedules can cause accidents

Sometimes, new routines cause workers to become very stressed out, and anxiety can lead to an accident at work. Those who operate a vehicle for long periods of time, work in a dangerous environment or use certain types of machinery are particularly likely to sustain an injury as a result of high levels of stress. Moreover, losing mental focus is another consequence of a new schedule and this can also result in an on-the-job mishap.