Workers’ compensation in Pennsylvania should help you get back on the job. It should give you access to the time and money you need to recover.

The majority of employers in the commonwealth carry insurance to protect you in case you get an injury. The purpose of this system is so you, as a worker, do not have to argue with a big, powerful company about who will pay.

Of course, workers; comp does not always fulfill its purpose. Here are some examples of times when you may need to take additional action.

When you feel you are not getting a fair deal

The Pennsylvania Worker’s Compensation Act contains many rules about how and when you get payment for an injury. For example, there are details about which types of injuries qualify.

Regardless of these rules, your employer’s insurance company might try to pay less than you deserve. They may also attempt to limit your access to the care you need. This is not fair.

When your employer’s insurance denies a claim

Insurance companies rarely deny valid claims for recent on-the-job injuries. That includes slips, falls, electrocutions, burns and so on.

However, they might decide to deny claims for long-term injuries. These include silicosis, back problems or repetitive stress syndrome.

If you suffer from a chronic injury, your workers’ compensation claim might be valid. That could be true even if you had the injury before you started.

Initial rejections might be standard procedure for the insurance company. They might be trying to lower costs by discouraging you. Do not let them profit from your suffering.

When someone else was to blame

Workers’ compensation typically stops you from suing your employer. This means you would probably only have access to the money you need to recover — and to live while you are not working.

You might be able to sue if another party, such as an equipment manufacturer, contributed to your injury. In these cases, you would probably consider the benefits of starting a personal injury claim against that third party.

If you believe an insurance company is underestimating you or your claim, you might be right. These companies do not always respect the workers they say they protect. Please get the compensation you deserve.