Workers’ compensation benefits are valuable benefits to be familiar with when a worker has been injured on the job. Pennsylvania workers’ compensation provides a variety of benefits to injured workers that they, and their families, should be aware of following a workplace accident.

Workers’ compensation benefits can help injured workers in circumstances following a workplace injury or when a worker is suffering with an occupational illness. Workers’ compensation benefits in Pennsylvania can help injured workers with the medical care they need and the wages they have lost but it is important that injured workers know how to apply for them and are familiar with the timelines associated with making a claim for benefits. Injured workers have 21 days to provide notice their employer of the injury they suffered and 3 years to make a claim for benefits.

Injured can receive help with health care expenses including surgeries, doctor visits, lab tests, medical equipment and medication. In addition, depending on the nature of the injury the worker suffered, they may be able to receive either partial or total disability wage benefits depending in the extent of their injury and its impact on their ability to return to work. Permanent injury payments may also be available if the worker suffered the loss of a body part. Additionally, death benefits may be available to surviving family members following a fatal workplace accident.

Being injured at work can turn the life of the worker upside down as they may fear the loss of their health and income all at once. As a result, it is critical for workers injured in a workplace accident to know about workers’ compensation benefits and what they can do for them.