Winter can be a difficult and dangerous time of year to drive in Pennsylvania. Pennsylvanians must contend with poor weather conditions that make road surfaces slick. Moreover, during the winter holidays there are more drivers on the road and more people driving while intoxicated. The statistics on winter driving in Pennsylvania in 2018 show that drivers must be cautious when taking to the streets during this season.

In 2018, there were 9,802 car accidents that took place during snow, sleet and freezing rain. This resulted in 30 fatalities. To put it in a different perspective, in 2018 when the road surface was snowy or slushy there were 7,903 traffic accidents and 27 fatalities. When the road surfaces were icy there were 4,468 motor vehicle accidents and 18 fatalities.

Weather notwithstanding, winter months saw their fair share of accidents in 2018. In January 2018, there were 12,501 crashes and 96 fatalities. In February 2018 there were 10,740 traffic accidents and 79 fatalities. Later that year in November there were 12,371 auto accidents and 101 fatalities. Finally, in December 2018 there were 10,891 motor vehicle accidents in Pennsylvania resulting in 91 fatalities.

As the statistics show, winter presents many hazards to drivers in Pennsylvania. All motorists have a legal duty to drive safely under the circumstances. This involves slowing down when visibility or road conditions are poor, driving defensively when traffic is congested and avoiding driving after having too much to drink. If a motorist breaches this duty of care and causes a car crash, they may be held responsible for the damages they caused.